The Spot Dance Arts & Events Center

Youth Dance Classes

Youth Classes:

This program is designed for kids ages 6-13. The kids will be placed in different class levels based on their age, dance ability, and experience.  Please consult in person with the owner of the studio, Desi Scarborough, for the proper placement of the kids before signing up for classes. No matter if your kid wants to become a professional dancer or not, this program delivers many benefits to the quality of their life, like developing creative thinking skills, learning the value of discipline, commitment and work ethic, self-confidence, social skills, graceful movements, music 7 rhythm sense, and leads to physical well-being.



Ballet Beginner Youth:  This program will start with introduction of the elementary positions of classical ballet. This class will be slow and thorough to ensure proper alignment and understanding. After that it will continue to teach more complex positions. At the end of this program students will be ready for the next level of Ballet Classes.

Ballet Intermediate Youth: This program is for students that have passed the beginner ballet level program. Here students will be able to move easily through the barre and center and will secure technique and capacity to keep up in a fast-paced class.

Modern Jazz Youth: This class combines classical ballet and modern dance techniques with the current forms of popular dance. Emphasis is on the importance of energy rhythmical accuracy and style. Very popular class for kids ages 6-13.

Contemporary: This class integrates various traditional disciplines of modern dance foundations with current contemporary styles. These classes are for dancers who like physical complicated floor work patterns of movement and self-expression. It is highly recommended for students in this class to also take ballet classes if they don’t have any previous ballet experience.