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Can I sign up online?

Yes, for adult classes only. To register your kid you have to come in person.

What is included in the kids program?

The kids program is 9 months long. Tuition includes 2 social for all kids enrolled in the program and their parents so they can all meet, socialize and have fun. We think of our customers as part of of our family, so we want to make them feel like that. After the 9 months, we will host a recital ( recital and costumes are not included in the monthly tuition price). Dance is a beautiful art and we want to share it with the world. We will have a professional photographer at the recital and this will be on us ūüôā¬†

Can I withdraw my kid before the program ends?

You can do that only until November 30th with 30 day advanced notice in written form ( Ballroom kids program has to be in full before 8/31/16  Рno refund ) if you withdraw your kid before November 30th without a notice there will be $60 fee. After that we do not offer early cancellation. In order for kids to get the benefits of our dance program we need them to come on regular basis. We want them to learn, commit and be able to perform their skills at the dance recital. 

I've never danced and I am in my 40-s. Is it too late to start?

It is never too late. Anyone can benefit from dancing. Dance keeps your brain and body active, builds self esteem and it is a great alternative of the boring fitness workout. Just make sure to choose the dance style that fits you and you enjoy the most. 

I have back injuries. Can I come to a dance class?

If you have any kind of health injuries please consult your physician before attending any class. We are not medical professionals and we cannot take responsibility for any injuries related to the activities at the studio.

What kind of shoes should I wear for classes?

It is highly recommended that you wear the appropriate shoes for the dance style you chose. They are designed specifically for it and will help you slip just enough to easy your dance moves. If you prefer you can just wear socks or be barefoot for Modern Jazz or Ballet class. It is still an option. 

Do you have more questions?

Please use our contact page and we will answer any other question.



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